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Our complete consultancy services in Education and Immigration applications helps the Professional to choose the right path and enable them to make the right decision.

World destination overseas education is an organization that is located in Pakistan and Dubai. World destination is committed to providing overseas education consultant services to Pakistani students, allowing them to explore educational opportunities abroad. Education abroad programs have been consistently captivating for Pakistani and UAE students.

World destination has assisted many students in discovering their aspirations, particularly those who aspire to attend some of the finest universities in the USA, Canada, United Kingdom, Australia, and Europe.

Our role is to represent colleges and universities in various countries as their official representatives. We have a wealth of knowledge and experience in the foreign education systems of each country we represent. We are confident that our position allows us to provide you with the proper service and assistance. Studying abroad in the United Kingdom, Australia, Canada, Europe, or Asia should be your first choice with world destination overseas education.

Our staff is trained and experienced to offer the best possible solutions and be available 24/7. Our dedicated staff and advisors are proficient in immigration laws, point-based systems, requirements, and processing of all countries represented. World destination overseas education can play a role in making a difference, and our clients who have successfully filed cases are proof of it.

Our staff is well trained and experienced to provide the best possible solutions and be readily available at all times.

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World Destination Travel & Tourism is a leading B2B & B2C provider of destination management services in Pakistan and we distribute our products online to our travel trade partners worldwide. World Destination with its expanding network is headquartered in Dubai and presently has overseas offices based in United Kingdom, Jordan and Pakistan.

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